About me

Hi, I'm Jesse..

Hello, my name is Jesse Tanner and I am the founder/owner of Beyond The Web Designs. I specialize in web design, filmmaking and photography for businesses of all sizes.

Past clients have included the likes of Durham College, Scentsy and many more.

My clients are always my first priority so please do check out my diverse portfolio and get in touch if you need your project taken to the next level.

Thank you!

How the magic works.

Research, research, research..

It's not enough to just build, you need to go beyond the website and learn everything there is to know about the client and their business. If you can't see their vision, how can you create something that represents that vision?

A design for every screen.

Not everyone uses a computer in todays world, almost everyone has a phone however. Developers need to have their designs be reponsive to match the growing need for mobile content. I am able to design your website to look just as good on your phone, tablet or computer. When clients look up your business its most likely going to be on a phone or tablet, I can help make sure that first impression is stunning no matter what device they are using.

Build it in Webflow.

I specialize in the Webflow Platform for web design. These tools allow me to build stunning and responsive website for my clients. Once the project is complete, I can export the code for you to implement into your hosting provider. Also, you can choose to host your website with Webflow. This makes any future updates or fixes to your site easy and simple using Webflow.

Say cheese!

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Imagine what they can do for your website. I can create professional photos that will give viewers a good amount of detail into your business and what you can offer them. Nobody likes buying something without seeing it right? Professional photography can boost your business ten fold, allowing customers to visualize how you operate and see the services or products you provide.

Lights... camera... action!

I can create video that can take your website to the next level. Demand for video content is increasing. 54% of consumers want more video content from a brand or business they support. 87% of marketing professionals use video to market their business. The average user spends 88% more time on your website if it has videos. Need I say more?

Give everyone a high five.

It's all hard work, the product wouldn't be the best it can be otherwise. In the end it is your satisfaction that is paramount. You deserve a great website to compliment all the hard work that went into your business. You are as much of a part of this journey as I am and together we can create something special. I am not interested in creating websites but more interested in making experiences. In the end my greatest pleasure is to leave business' better and more capable to handle todays needs then when I arrived. Today could be that start for your business.